Heaven On Earth

"This morning, I have been pondering on the thought "Creating a little piece of heaven on earth for ourselves." In this world we deal with anxiety, turmoil, darkness, evil, and every form of horror imaginable but it's amazing that we as God's children, have the ability to create a little piece of Heaven on earth for ourselves and for others. Even when life may seem like a preview of chaos and despair, Jesus gives us the opportunity to have His mindset and create the peace of Heaven. For it's in Jesus, that we can possess the things money can't buy and thieves can't steal like the fruit of His Spirit--love, joy, and peace! 
In (John 14:1-4) Jesus said He went to prepare a place for born again believers and commanded us to live without our heart weighted by trouble. When Jesus gave this promise, He was in the midst of preparing for His own horrific crucifixion! Yet He was compassionately giving the disciples reasons for hope and peace. You see, just as Jesus knew what lay ahead for Himself, the pain and torture as well as the terrible separation from His Father in order to pay for our sin, He knows what lay ahead for us in this walk of life. Yet, through it all He was concerned for the comfort of His disciples, and He is concerned about our comfort as well. 
If Jesus commands us to love like He does in (John 13:34-35), then He will enable us to do it! We can be in the midst of our own pain and hardship but yet also create peace and hope not only for ourselves but for others. Jesus will enable us to shine the hope of heaven, provide a place of shelter in the storm, a promise of hope even through our own tears, and most importantly, we can always share the gift of salvation to those who don't know Him. Today is an opportunity to use what we have been given by God to bring a little heaven to earth. You see, when Jesus is the Lord of our life, we know He is our piece of Heaven to share with others!"

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